Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tired and Frustrated

Oh, here we are. I knew it would come; I wasn't sure exactly when. The "I don't want to do any school" day. The "why do I have to do X" day. The day when DH comes in and steps all over my figurative toes and then gets defensive when I'm upset about it. The everyone is just in a tither day. The "I can't" day.

Today, I am just going to try to get through it without any (more) yelling, and take tomorrow as another, fresh day. It was actually okay for most of the day, so I shouldn't complain.

Maybe tomorrow I'll write a post about our exciting fire experiments from last week, or how I've actually been sticking to our schedule for the most part and getting things done.

See you then on a better, brighter day.


  1. I'm nver able to post on this blog for some reason ... but I keep trying. (((Hugs))) I hope your week's gotten better.


  2. Steph, Blogger has added some new spam thing to the comments. I wonder if yours got caught in limbo there. Whatever the cause, your comment showed up today :) Week got better. Almost magically :)